Jared Whitmire Counseling

Uncover the roots, understand the present, and shape a brighter future.

Jared Whitmire

Life can be challenging at times, and often it takes a lot of courage to seek therapeutic services. Our struggles are multifaceted and complex. We may come into treatment feeling anxious and depressed but unsure why and how it came to be this way. Often our symptoms are interwoven into our interpersonal lives. We may find ourselves feeling love for someone and not liking them, fearing we chose the wrong path in life or fearing that we are fundamentally flawed and in no shape to be with others. Therapy may come to be a place where we both seek to untangle and unravel these struggles.

I aim to create a safe atmosphere where we explore your current struggles. In our first few sessions, I seek to generate a mutual understanding of what you would like to work on in therapy. From there, we can agree on the type of treatment you wish to receive and work together on your goals.

I also enjoy working with helping professionals (Nurses, Paramedics, Doctors, Therapists, and Educators) who may be struggling with burnout, identity, and chronic stress. My approach to therapy includes utilizing Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, CBT, and Person-Centered therapies.

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